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Afghanistan Five Years Later: The Return of the Taliban (September 2006)

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Press Release

Five years after their removal from power: The Taliban are back

Taliban Frontline now cuts half-way through Afghanistan

US and UK led failed counter-narcotics policies are responsible

Humanitarian crisis hits southern Afghanistan – extreme poverty, drought and hundreds of thousands starving in south

After five years, the United States-led international reconstruction mission has failed Afghanistan and its people. An all-military approach and aggressive poppy crop eradication strategies led by the US and the United Kingdom have triggered a hunger crisis and accelerated the return of the Taliban in southern Afghanistan. The US and the UK are responsible for these humanitarian and security crises, which make Afghanistan a renewed menace for its own people and the world.

The 2001 liberation from the Taliban regime was a well-intentioned response to the threat that Afghanistan, as a failed state, posed to global security. Although the US and its partners have deployed large and costly security operations, after five years Afghanistan is again a war zone, and southern Afghanistan has become, once more, the battlefield for the control of the country.

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