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Ottawa Simulation Game (24 September 2007)

Ottawa Simulation Game ICOS organised “Afghanistan, a Way out of War?”, a simulated peace negotiations event in Ottawa involving mock cross-party peace talks to find a political solution to the crisis situation in Afghanistan.

This simulation, developed by Partizan Publik, Clingendael and ICOS aims to develop the idea of, and instruments for, a political solution to Afghanistan’s challenges. It will also provide insights into the complexity of the political situation, including the divergent positions and interests of the stakeholders involved. Lastly, the simulation game aims to provide participants with insights into the multilateral negotiation process.

Participants were divided into diplomatic teams representing Afghanistan, Canada, Pakistan, the Taliban and the United States in the context of multilateral talks and debates, aiming to produce a hypothetical resolution to end the war in Afghanistan.

The simulation event was held in Ottawa on 24 September, 2007. Click here to download the complete program of the day.

If you have any questions or inquiries before or after registration, please do not hesitate to contact ICOS’ Ottawa office on +1 (613) 562-0070, or by e-mail at the same address as above.

Acknowledgement: The first version of “Afghanistan, a Way out of War?” was developed and played in the Netherlands as part of ‘Bazaar 2007 – The War on Error’, commissioned by Hivos, IKV Christi and GroenLinks. It was jointly developed and moderated by Partizan Publik and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael. The current version of the simulation was adapted for use in Ottawa by Partizan Publik in close cooperation with ICOS.

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